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Sen. Marafa stops Buhari from coming to Zamfara, gives reasons

Senator Garba Kabiru Marafa representing Zamfara Central Senatorial zone has advised president Muhammadu Buhari to suspend his coming to Zamfara state for his presidential campaign.

In a press release by his faction of the state APC, and signed by the senator which was made available to the DAILY POST, the coming of the president would amount to dignifying Governor Abdulaziz Yari.

According to the press statement, the senator said that the political dust within the party has not settled, hence the president would be giving the Governor an upper hand.

He noted that with or without any campaign in the state , the people of the state were very much ready to vote for the president whom he described as the Messiah that would bail the oil-rich country out of its present political predicament.

Senator Marafa noted that he appreciated the ways and manner the president does not intervene in the political crisis ravaging the state chapter of the APC, saying that the action of the president has shown that he does not tolerate any nonsense irrespective of whose ox is gored.

The senator noted that even if the president does not heed to his advice, his faction within the party would arrange another date for the campaign of the president.

I want to make it clear to the whole world that the so-called Governor cannot stay in his bedroom and decides the fate of over four million Zamfara citizens singlehandedly.”

Senator Marafa warned his teeming supporters to avoid any gathering of the Governor, stressing that he is just a political joker whom he said was only hiding under the influence of president Muhammadu Buhari to cover his democratic shame.

Senator Marafa said that the visit to Zamfara state was not necessary until the party settles its persistent problems that are ravaging it in the state.

He said that Abdulaziz Yari was just fronting for his Commissioner of Finance so as to cover up his numerous administrative sins and to impose himself as the political leader of the state.

Marafa noted that the people were aware that governor Abdulaziz Yari was only deceiving the people of the state, adding that the whole of his deceit would soon come to limelight.

According to the press release, the Senator Marafa faction said it was waiting to see who the president would hand over the flag of the party to on Sunday, noting that president Buhari would not make such expensive mistake to hand over the party flag to Muktar Shehu Idris since the case he said was still in the court.

The senator revealed that he was still a bonified member of the APC, saying that he would not decamp to any other party until the case would be finally decided by the court of competent jurisdiction.

He noted that the Governor has paralysed the civil service in the state, noting that nobody in the state, not even the grassroots want to hear anything about the Governor.

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